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Our booking system provides you with a reserved date for commencement of work on your matter, guaranteeing Blue Ribbon Legal will be at your service when you need it.


Bookings can be made for:

  • party/party itemised bill of costs for assessment or taxation;

  • certified estimates of costs;

  • objections*;

  • practitioner/client itemised bill of costs*;

  • costs summary (Federal Court);

  • costs recovery proceedings;

  • CLE seminars

        * legislated time limits apply to this work.



We will work at our office or yours on a pre-arranged basis.  


Contact Blue Ribbon Legal with details of the service you require for our first available dates to work with you.  


We recommend your booking be made:

1. For an itemised bill of costs, on resolution of the matter;

2. For a certified estimate of costs, when matter is listed for hearing/mediation/     ISC;

3. For objections, on receipt of bill of costs*;

4. For practitioner/client itemised bill, on receipt of request from client*;

5. For costs summary in Federal Court, before or at judgment;

6. For costs recovery, when non-payment occurs.

        * legislated time limits apply to this work.


If your booking is cancelled before Blue Ribbon Legal commence work on your matter, you will not be liable for any fees.