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Fee Structure


We offer flexible terms of engagement including:


  • Fixed Fees: for preparation of bills of costs; compliance checks; certified estimates and conduct of assessment proceedings.  We also offer stage-based fixed fees for most legal services.  


  • Hourly Rates:

    • $350 per hour plus GST for preparation of objections and responses, – with an estimate of time provided before work commences.

    • $350 per hour plus GST for affidavits and expert witness appearances by our principal.

    • Legal services provided by Blue Ribbon Lawyers will be charged at up to $400 per hour plus GST depending on the nature and complexity of the work performed, advised prior to work commencing.  

    • Regulated fees apply for uncontested costs recovery proceedings in the Local, District and Supreme Courts.  


  • Percentage-based Fees: Preparation of bills of costs has traditionally been charged as a percentage of the total professional fees claimed. At Blue Ribbon Legal Costing we are of the view that percentage-based fees do not necessarily accurately reflect the work necessary to prepare a bill of costs, and may result in inflated claims or inclusion of claims unlikely to be allowed on assessment or taxation. Should your firm or client specifically request a percentage-based fee, we will agree to calculation of our fees at 10% of professional fees (inclusive of GST).


Payment terms: In specified circumstances, we will accept payment of our fees at the conclusion of the assessment or taxation process.  All other fees are payable within 28 days of invoice.